I founded Harbor Island Analytics because I am passionate about discovering new insights hidden within data.  Our focus is simple: finding our clients valuable insights from their business’s data.

The amount of data available to businesses is overwhelming and as a result, decisions are still made based on intuition rather than fact (aka – statistically valid conclusions drawn from data).  The reasons behind this are simple: most companies face the problem of not enough available human resources, knowledge or time to spend.

This is where Harbor Island Analytics can help. I provide the human resources, knowledge and time for your analytics needs. My goal is to allow you to make the most informed, data driven decisions possible and build longer lasting relationships with your customers that will ultimately grow your business.

Specifically, I help my clients through an efficient analysis processes of Google Analytics data.  We can help measure and improve:

  • Web site layout and design
  • Marketing campaigns and promotional offers
  • Value of 3rd party tools and vendors

If you’re interested in working together, contact me today and let’s start with me performing a Site Review of your Google Analytics data.