Google Analytics, R & Conversion Rate Heat Map

I always keep an eye out for new and better ways to present data for my analyses. A few months ago, I heard about a really interesting platform called It’s a platform (currently on the Freemium pricing model) that produces beautiful, interactive data visuzalizations. I got to experimenting with and it’s R API and I came up with something cool: a conversion rate heatmap with a beautiful, easily accessible, interactive output.

This heatmap is useful because it shows when your most motivated customers were buying products from your online store. We assume they are the most interested because the sales in this graph are attributed to the Organic Search medium.  Stereotypically, these are the customers who were deliberately searching for a particular product(s) to buy online and decided to buy them from your store.

This data was imported from Google Analytics’ API using R and the R package: RGoogleAnalytics. I then followed the R API documentation found here to build out this graph: